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Download cctv software for pc



– Examples of possible external video sources for PC-CCTV PRO.


Pada pembahasan sebelumnya melalui tautan di atas saya telah menunjukkan bagaimana cara menghubungkan CCTV ke komputer menggunakan software CMS agar kita bisa memutar videonya secara real time dari lokasi mana pun. Pada artikel ini, saya ingin menulis tentang aplikasi-aplikasi lain yang dapat digunakan untuk menghubungkan komputer ke CCTV dengan mudah. Aplikasi yang saya tawarkan berikut dapat didownload dengan gratis, dioperasikan dengan mudah dan memiliki size kecil.

Berikut adalah daftar 7 aplikasi CCTV for PC terbaik, gratis, mudah digunakan dan dioperasikakn, ringan dan yang pasti dapat berjalan dengan baik pada Windows XP, Vista, 98, 7, 8, ataupun Adalah aplikasi yang dapat kita peroleh dengan mudah dan gratis tanpa perlu membayar.

Aplikasi ini memiliki menu navigasi yang mudah dipahami namun lengkap sehingga kita bisa melihat rekaman CCTV melalui komputer dengan mudah dari mana saja. Download: ContaCAM. Aplikasi ini memiliki dua versi, yakni free dan pro. Perbedaannya adalah pada ode gratis, kita tidak bisa menggunakan fitur remote streaming dan email alert namun masih bisa memantau lokasi sekitar CCTV dengan frame yang jelas ditambah fitur monitoring audio.

Download: iSpy. Ukuran file aplikasi ini hanya sekitar MB saja. Sebenarnya aplikasi ini merupakan aplikasi berbayar namun pengembangannya telah dihentikan sehingga kita bisa mendownloadnya secara gratis namun bukan pada situs resminya. Download: Camera Viewer Pro. NetCam Studio adalah aplikasinya dan software ini dapat didownload secara gratis. Download: NetCam Studio. Daftar Konten. Artikel ini juga dicari dengan kata kunci aplikasi dvr cctv untuk pc, cctv software for pc free download, cctv viewer pc, aplikasi cctv wifi untuk pc, camera viewer pro, cctv for pc, menghubungkan cctv ke komputer, cms cctv dan sebagainya.


Download cctv software for pc


With these applications, it becomes easier to get the live view of your residence, family, office premises and locality. CCTV cameras are the best security solution to enhance the security of family members and others.

We will highlight some of the important functions which can be performed by the application. Here we will discuss in detail about the application for PC. We provide you with the top 25 CMS. Besides, get better knowledge regarding the CMS installation and setup procedure by clicking the links.

This CMS is the best application in the market to connect as well as control. Hikvision is a global leader in the provider of security solutions and products.

Hikvision has broadened its field to smart home tech, industrial automation, and automotive electronics industries to realise its long-term goal. Hikvision products also render powerful business intelligence for clients, which enables more efficient transactions and greater commercial profit.

Hikvision is a global leader of IoT solution provider with video as its core competency. The application is provided by the Hikvision company. The free download link is provided below.

Also, read the instruction of IVMS storage server as well. Download Multi lang. Get the free download link. Read the installation procedure of IVMS here. Zhejiang Dahua Technology Company is a leading company in video-centric smart IoT products and service provider.

Dahua Technology Company renders end-to-end security solutions, products, and services to create values for city operations, corporate management, and clients. Dahua solutions, products, and services are in over countries and regions. Also, read the instruction of installation procedure in the article of Smart PSS.

The CMS is a free download here, through this you can get the following features:. As a worldwide best quality security solutions and products provider in more than countries apart from China. Ranking as the most advanced company that enters into the abroad market in the video monitoring industry in China, TVT has established an independent and perfect marketing service system.

You can read about the installation procedure as well by clicking on the link of NVMS NVMS for Windows Get the free download as well as free installation procedure on NVMS This is available for Windows and Mac OS.

This CMS is only available for the Windows operating system. Read the installation procedure of NVMS 2. NVMS Lite 2. KVMS Pro provides you with a wide range of functions and features as well. Inspired by the vision and commitment to make surveillance easy and affordable, CP PLUS has begun a mission to make the world a safe and secure community.

Here we are about to discuss the EZStation developed by the Uniview. With this, you can get many features such as live view, audio-video recording, etc.

Uniview is the global leader of IP video surveillance. First-ever company to introduce IP video surveillance in China, Uniview is the third-largest player in the video surveillance industry of China. In the year , Uniview has the 4th largest global market share in the surveillance industry. Uniview has a wide range of IP video surveillance products ranges from IP cameras, NVR, Encoder, Decoder, CMS Client, and app, covering several markets sectors including retail, building, industry, education, commercial, and city surveillance.

Guard Station is also another applicaton provided by the Uniview Technology Company. This app provides functions such as PTZ Control, live streaming, video recording etc. For the process to install the Guard Station read here.

Guard Station Software Download for Windows. Here we provide you with the Wansview Cloud which is designed and developed by the Shenzhen Wansview Technology company. It provides you with the capability to monitor your premises from remote locations on your PC. Established in , Wansview dedicated to product design, development technology innovation, and professional manufacturing processes in the field of security solutions and products.

We provide with the free download of the Wansview Cloud for Windows and Mac as well as the installation method. The application provides remote access, live view and connectivity at any kind of network.

Xiaomi Inc. This company has been taken good care of its clients and has a greater market share by providing the product at affordable prices. Also, read the instruction to install the MI Home on Windows. We provide you with the free download of V which is designed and developed by the V Camera. V software helps you to connect the V CCTV cameras and helps to maintain surveillance over the home, locality and office premises. The app is available only in Windows OS.

V Camera is one wifi camera brand in the company which aids to create intelligent terminal products. Get the free download of V for Windows OS.

Also, read the installation instruction of V software here. Download V App for PC. This is available only for the Windows operating system, this application helps to connect the CCTV cameras, provide remote playback, System configuration and video intercom.

Panasonic is a Japanese company established in , with more than , employees. Panasonic deals with different kind of CCTV cameras and software. Panasonic has been one of the largest electronic appliances manufacturer in many countries. The free download link of PVMS is available here. Also, get the installation guide by visit the article of PVMS. Idmss Lite software is also provided by the Dahua Technology company.

Idmss Lite for PC is available for free download. The performs various functions such as live streaming, PTZ control, playback video, record video, snapshots, etc. Free Download Idmss lite for PC. Free Download Idmss lite for Mac. This CMS helps to connect the as well as provides multilingual support to the users.

This software is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. Download Ezviz App Video Plugin. Hi-Focus aims to bring the most advanced CCTV surveillance systems that can combine high volumes of data to produce essential information.

The system provides users with advanced scrutiny, analysis, interpretation, and management. HiFocus assistance helps in the deployment of fast and intelligent security system solutions through a complete analysis based on the position and location of the device. Here is the free download of Velocity by the HiFocus, also read the installation procedure of Velocity. The CMS provides you up to 72 channel of CCTV cameras view on screen, search recorded data by event type and date, export video and dual monitor support.

Hanwha Techwin America Samsung Techwin is a security technology company that has exhibited stable growth for the past 40 years and is part of the Hanwha Group. Hanwha Techwin is a Fortune company and also one of the conglomerates in South Korea considered to be the largest.

The Hanwha Group has the expertise of over 60 years in the manufacturing of the video surveillance industry. The company has created many clients across the globe by providing the best quality product and services.

The link to download the Smart Viewer is free here. And visit the installation procedure article of Smart Viewer. This provides you with some features as dual-screen assistance, live streaming, log administration, and user management. This software has features such as IP device configuration, group management, main preview and log search functions. This feature helps the user to connect the CCTV cameras. Night Owl Security Company is a leading innovator in the security technology industry.

It is the fastest-growing manufacturer of security solution and products which offers the best value on the market. This is accomplished by designing and engineering products that are of high quality, user friendly, and affordable.

Read the guidelines for installation of Night Owl Connect. This provides you ability to connect multiple CCTV camera brand on the same software. This application is available for Windows and Mac operating system. Guarding Vision helps us to detect motion as well. Now download free Guarding Vision for Windows and Mac as well as learn about the installation procedure. Shenzhen Dericam Technology Company was formed and established in the year The company is developing, manufacturing, and marketing IP cameras and storage devices for home security field.

Dericam aims to innovate and develop its products to meet the demands of customers. Dericam continues to innovate and develop the quality of its products, enable everyone to enjoy the benefit of advanced technology. This software provides you with cloud encryption and real-time push notification alerts.

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