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Dino even gets in on the action when you pick up his icon. Like other action titles reviewed on these pages, Flintstones is a stone-age hit that combines a solid scrolling play mechanic and spices it up with familiar characters and solid challenges.

When the game moves along at a slower pace it’s more enjoyable and also more rewarding. A very good addition to the GB library. Taito did a good job in bringing the Flint-stones from TV to the game systems. The GameBoy version is especially well done as the graphics are very good and the game is one of the best playing carts this side of Mario 2.

There are plenty of things to find and lots of enemies to get in your way. Flintstones is a great playing cart for the GameBoy. The graphics are also very good, with almost all of the familiar faces you remember from the cartoon series. The game play is filled with items and plays a bit like Mario. You even get help from the cave man’s best friend, Dino. The blurring is a bit hard on the eyes.

It plays well, has several items and enemies, but it blurs badly on the small defunct Game-Boy screen. It’s really hard to lower a game’s score because the hardware stinks, but it must be taken into consideration. Meet the Flintstones, Taito’s modern stone-age family for the Game Boy. Fred and Wilma’s anniversary is coming up, and Fred wants to make it special. Fred’s found a treasure map in the Bedrock quarry, so he’s off to find the treasure for Wilma.

If you think the Fiintstones are too neanderthal for your tastes, this cart’s simple, yet addicting, game play will make you want to study evolution. The beasties in this game both help and hinder you.

You play Fred, who’s armed with an unlimited number of hammers. Throw a hammer to hit a critter once and they freeze. Then you can use them to scale rooftops, cross rivers, or spring to new heights for that 1-up. Be quick, though. If they unfreeze while you’re still standing on them, you’ll be stoned. Fred is no Jack Sprat, but he’s no lumbering dinosaur either. DOS Version. Follow Us! Monthly Newsletter. Top downloads. List of top downloads. Latest releases.

Developer Adrenalin Interactive, Inc. Publisher SouthPeak Interactive. Year Tags abandonware , old , game , flintstones , bedrock , bowling , action , arcade , racing , cartoon , prehistoric. Genre action racing. Platform PC. Rate this game 2. Do you have trouble running this game?

Input : keyboard Abandonware DOS views : Did you like it? Did you hate it? Geometry Dash SubZero. Stickman Hook. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. Crowd Evolution! Hungry Shark Evolution. Crazy Kick! Stack Ball – Crash Platforms. Geometry Dash Lite.



Download flintstones game for pc.Download The Flintstones

Download Flintstones, The [c] emulator game and play the Sega ROM free. Cross-platform game works on desktop PC, mobile, and tablets. Download the game here. The Flintstones – Dino: Lost in Bedrock screenshot. flintstonesdinojpg – DOS. Flintstones version ( free download, latest version ✓, Flintstones is a platform game based on the famous Flintstones.


Download flintstones game for pc

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