Download links not showing.My download screen does not show up

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SOLVED: Download Links Don’t Work in Chrome or Edge – Up & Running Technologies, Tech How To’s

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Contact with backend team to check that. You can still right click any file in your dropbox folder, “Copy dropbox link” to get a URL into your clipboard, and then manually alter the ending of the URL from “? Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Can you please open a new support request with us, in order for us to be granted access to your account and let me know a ticket ID in your reply?


Download links not showing


My active theme is and only plugin activated is WooCommerce 5. Exact same results. No Downloadable Product link displayed. WooCommerce System Report for Staging. Download link did not display upon purchase. Since I received little to no help in this forum. I resolved my problem. Here are the steps I took in case someone else experiences this issue:. I exported all my products 2. Using This helpful GitHub , I deleted all my products from a staging site. I re-imported all products.

Log In Register. Skip to content. Resolved 21adsmedia 21adsmedia 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewing 7 replies – 1 through 7 of 7 total. Plugin Author royho royho 1 year, 2 months ago. Thread Starter 21adsmedia 21adsmedia 1 year, 2 months ago. Hi there, My WooCommercie is at 5. What other troubleshooting options do you have? Plugin Support Mirko P.

Hi there, It sounds like something is not working with your relative path to the downloadable file. WooCommerce System Report for Staging — For more detailed debugging, I performed these steps also with all plugins deactivated : 1.

Added New Product with exact same information. Download link displayed upon purchase. Thank you for your support! Hello hope I aint late on this but have same issue where for free download the link is there but for paid I have tried even automated orders but still not able, changed prefix but still not able. Hi I would be grateful if someone can help me. My problem is my site generating link and all but my customer are mostly buying from phones and when they complete their purchase they get email that have link to download but if they click to download it, it is not getting saved or downloaded in phone.

While in pc it is very simple. Is there anyway I can resolve this?. My downloadable images are jpg format. Thanks in advance. So I noticed that this solution doesnt always work becuase in some cases the table permission have been created yet the problem persist, are there any other solutions for fixing this problem. If I want approximately 15 seconds before pressing the Return to Merchant link, then the download link is there. Perhaps it takes some time for PayPal to tell the shopping cart that payment was successful and therefore to release the link?

Thanks Michelle. Oh man, my download links are being stripped out and I have no idea why! Entries are being entered into the DB. This worked for me. Similar issue. Table exists, entry exists, download link in email exists BUT no download link on order page on website. Any ideas? Hey, thanks a lot for this solution. I had the same problem. Fixed it like you recommend and it worked well. Bye, EditH. To post a Comment, login with:.

Feb 21, Sumit P. Download Link in Order Email. Tables in WooCommerce. While in pc it is very simple Is there anyway I can resolve this?. It worked for me too. I used the plugin and now everything works! Glad it helped Sune!

Hi Mark, was wondering if u ever found a solution to the problem? Was wondering if u where ever able to resolve this issue. Thanks Sumit. Hi Keely, Could you confirm if an entry is made in the table when an order has been placed?


browser – How to force open links in Chrome not download them? – Stack Overflow

Download Links are now showing. Sorted by: Reset to default. Skip to content. When your drive location in your Internet Options is not the system drive, it can prevent you from downloading files. It’s download links not showing that some browsers delete it for you once you’ve used it.

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