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Requests, offers, permission and invitations. If and wish. Present continuous and present simple I am doing and I do. Past simple and past continuous I did and I was doing. Present perfect simple and continuous I have done and I have been doing. Present perfect simple and continuous; past simple I have done and I have been doing ; I did. Past simple, past continuous and used to I did , I was doing and I used to do.

Present, present perfect and past. The future: all forms. Modals: review. Conditionals: review. I wish. The passive. Reported speech and questions. Verb forms: review. Countable and uncountable. Quantifiers and pronouns. Relative clauses. Adjectives and adverbs. Comparatives and superlatives. Word order. Prepositions of time. Prepositions of place.

Prepositions general. Phrasal verbs 1. Phrasal verbs 2. Phrasal verbs 3. English practice English Grammar Exercises with Answers. Present and past 1 Present continuous I am doing 2 Present simple I do 3 Present continuous and present simple 1 I am doing and I do 4 Present continuous and present simple 2 I am doing and I do 5 Past simple I did 6 Past continuous I was doing Present perfect and past 7 Present perfect 1 I have done 8 Present perfect 2 I have done 9 Present perfect continuous I have been doing 10 Present perfect continuous and simple I have been doing and I have done 11 How Long have you been …?

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English grammar exercises with answers free download. English Grammar Worksheets with Answers

Language in Use : New exercises for upper-intermediate B2 learners News articles rewritten for English language learners provide short texts, vocabulary lists and exercises. They are also available as interactive online grammar quizzes. I have put hard work into checking the accuracy of the materials. Sign up for free grammar tips, quizzes and lessons, straight into your inbox.


English grammar exercises (with PDF) – replace.me.English grammar exercises PDF worksheets with answers

Therefore some worksheets can be used at both levels. New Vocabulary Worksheets.


English Grammar – Online Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises foe English Language Learners

To donate, click on the link below. All downloadable worksheets have a key. Converting Direct to Indirect Speech.

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