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Kunjungan malam ni sob alnya kagak bsa tdur!!! By: Oto Website. Posting Komentar. Naruto Shinobi Breakdown is one of the game adaptation from animated manga naruto, fighting game genre like naruto shipudden dragon blade chronicles, tells the story of the battle of naruto and his friends, the most interesting game has a very small size of only 95MB, you do not need to install, just extrack later play, easy to do : History of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja from Konoha Village is bright, ambitious and hyperactive.

Born on October 10 nd. Aged about 13 years in the Naruto series, and 16 years in Naruto Shippuden. Derived from the Uzumaki clan in the village of Konoha. Strengths include the elements of air and fire when the nine tailed state. Her goal is to become the strongest ninja and sit as a Hokage, the nickname still simpangsiur, the Rokudaime Hokage. Including the Jinchuuriki, because his father Yondaime Hokage, Minato Kamikaze or, as the fourth Hokage sealed the nine tailed fox in Naruto’s body small.

The monster had attacked Konoha and almost Broken. Have the power of the air element. Being a tomboy and very beautiful. Possible Kushina died shortly after giving birth Naruto. Many personalities who declined to Kushina Naruto characters, including ninjitsunya style. While the physical face of Naruto is very similar to his father, Minato.

Naruto is one of the principal inspiration for Gaara is: People will be more powerful by using his power for the sake of loved ones. Kyubi Naruto actually did not know his body. But the villagers were away. Naruto life shunned by the villagers, is regarded as a monster. Became the target of Akatsuki group to get Kyubi no Yoko, the Nine tail fox. There is a common fate with the other jinchuuriki, amounting to 9 people.

Suppose Gaara, he was shunned by the inhabitants of Sunagakure and become Kagekaze to-5 to prove he is a man who loved his village. And even then aspired to Naruto. Reason of their graduation karea kekompokan and togetherness in the team.

In this group of Naruto love blossomed. But Naruto romance category unrequited love. Because the hero, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha love more.

Naruto Shadow Kick Thousand learned when he was innocently taking secret scroll to 3rd Hokage, Sarutobi Hokage dubbed, by order of a traitor. Aware of it, he refused to give the roll of paper that moment. With Kyubi chakra, Naruto can clone the shadow with the same amount of chakra in each klonnya.

In fact, other ninja are only capable of multiple clones. Naruto trained for 3 years with Jiraiya, an ascetic and bizarre flirtatious. The power of chakra Naruto Kyubi supported by a strong and dangerous. Use of this chakra will shorten the life of Naruto, but able to recover to spoil quickly.

When the stage-4 tail to appear, then kyubi dominate and become mini-Kyubi is difficult to control. Kick It uses natural energy to balance the infinity of chakras in the body, without moving. Naruto modify this stance by using a third reflection to channel the body’s natural energy to be used while moving. Uzumaki clan Naruto must be linked with the history reveals about the famous Klan Uzumaki respected. This is very mysterious clan with a little info about it.

Naruto world consists of several clans with distinctive features and special style of fighting ability. Klan was based on family lineage. Uzu village and attacked and destroyed. All residents scattered to save their lives. Characteristic of the Uzumaki clan is to have red hair, but Naruto is physically similar to her father. Family lineage initially only Naruto Uzumaki. Later revealed, apparently from the Akatsuki Nagato Uzumaki come from heredity.

Both have blood ties and are both students of Jiraiya. Download Naruto Shihobi Breakdown. Label: Game. Langganan: Posting Komentar Atom. Sekilas Info « » « » « ».



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