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We are a branding & advertising agency in Ahmedabad, ready to take your business digital.


We are at SEO Tape – a Social Media Marketing & Digital Media Agency based in India..
The following pages will exhibit our services and some of the best campaigns
created by us.

We Are Your Digital Partner!
We work as a bridge between your customer & your brand. Connecting dots digitally

Running through Success

Our success story



We are Established in 2019 as Digital Marketing Agency.


Expand Local Network

In the Year 2020, We are started working with Local Networks.


Work With Brands

In the Year 2021, We are started working Globally in Australia and Poland.


At Present

- Working with 15+ Clients
- Expanded Business Overseas

A little more of us

Who we are & What we do?

We are at SEO Tape – a Social Media Marketing & Digital Media Agency based in India.

We understand the importance of digital media presence. As we get to know our clients and their target audiences intimately. We create, develop and communicate brands and their messages in
an impactful & engaging way on relevant digital media platforms.

SEO Tape designs, and executes social media marketing campaigns, along with integrated new-age digital media tools, in such a way that it adds value to the potential and existing stakeholders and do not look like more companies purchasing its product. The best way for us to tell you our story is through the projects that we deliver for our clients.